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Swimming Pool Information

Because the City of Corcoran abides by the State Building Code some swimming pools require a permit, while some are exempt. The rule of thumb is as follows:

Pools that do not need a building permit:

• Prefabricated, above ground, less than 24 inches in depth and less than 5,000 gallons

Pools that need a "one-time" building permit fee:

• Prefabricated, above ground, over 24 inches in depth and/or exceed 5,000 gallons (aka – temporary pool). IE - 30 inches high and 3000 gallons needs a permit.

Pools that need a building permit:

• All in ground pools

• Above ground pools that exceed 24 inches and 5,000 gallons and are permanent in nature

Please note that an electrical and/or plumbing permit may also be required. Currently the City has no ordinance for a fence requirement.

8200 County Road 116, Corcoran, Minnesota 55340