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Permit to Purchase/Transfer a Firearm

To obtain a Permit to Purchase/Transfer a Firearm, the MN Uniform Firearm Application to Purchase/Transfer a Firearm form needs to be completed.

There are new procedures for the Permit to Purchase/Transfer process:

  • Applications must be PRESENTED IN PERSON WITH A PHOTO ID.
  • Staff will give the applicant a receipt (last page of application) with received date and time noted.
  • Permits will be mailed out to applicants when completed, postmarked within 7 days.


Please verify that you have signed all required areas on the form. Please make sure you read all the questions on the form.

If the application is not complete, this may delay processing of your permit. If an application is not received in person, the application will not be processed until you appear in person. You will be notified if this occurs.



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