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Ice Rinks and Warming House

Corcoran Skating Rinks

Corcoran's skating rinks offer fun and recreation for cold weather enthusiasts of all ages. Building and maintaining the rinks depends on many variables during the winter months. To start making ice, crews need temperatures to be around 0 degrees to -10 degrees F for about one week and frozen ground about four inches deep. The crews can establish a six inch base, which will help rinks survive most warm snaps. The final step is to build a smooth "finish surface" on the ice. Public Works has a goal to get the rinks open the week of Christmas break and keep them open until mid-February. If rinks don't have complete coverage, they can be unsafe for skaters. Pending weather conditions can also lead to late openings and early rink closings.

Once the rinks are open, depending on weather conditions, the Public Works crew cleans and resurfaces the ice rinks daily, Monday through Friday and weekend mornings. During extreme cold weather, the rinks and shelter building may be closed. During inclement weather periods, a "Closed" sign will be posted on the shelter door.

Warming House Hours:
11:00 am -- 9:00 pm weekends and holidays
4:00 pm -- 9:00 pm weekdays

For ice rink concerns, please call the City Hall at 763-420-2288.


8200 County Road 116, Corcoran, Minnesota 55340