City of Corcoran

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Codes and Ordinances

The City of Corcoran provides specific ordinances in the city code. These ordinances have been adopted by the City Council. An official copy is maintained by the Administration department at City Hall. Listed below is the link to our most recently updated City Code Book 2016-02-11 and any of the adopted amendments made since this printing. Also shown are quick references to a few of the most frequently asked questions outlining the City's codes and ordinances. Click on the links for more information.


Adopted Ordinances and Amendments

Click on the link to view adopted ordinances and amendments

Current amendments to the adopted City Code Book are added to the website for review as a numbered document once they are approved by City Council.


Grading and Filling

Prior to performing any grading or filling on your property, please contact City Hall. Property owners should be aware  many activities will require a basic permit. Typically, engineering review is required when you exceed 300 cubic yards of material, but there are also times when a permit is not required.
8200 County Road 116, Corcoran, Minnesota 55340